September 16, 2013 - Tropical Storm Gabrielle (07L) approaching Bermuda

Tropical Storm Gabrielle (07L) approaching Bermuda

Tropical Storm Gabrielle received the attention of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) over a ten-day period in early September, 2013 as it vacillated between tropical depression and tropical storm strength.

The National Hurricane Center issued its first warning on the storm on the afternoon of September 4 as it was forming as Tropical Depression Seven just south of Puerto Rico. Late that night same night, Gabrielle attained Tropical Storm Status, but weakened and was downgraded on September 5 as the storm split, with the low-level circulation detaching from the most vigorous convection. By September 6, the system had weakened enough that the NCH issued a final advisory.

But the split system hadnít quite given up. On September 10, the low-level center had gained enough convection for the NHC to declare that the system had once again become Tropical Storm Gabrielle. The renewed storm passed close by Bermuda near midnight on September 10, buffeting the island with sustained winds in excess of 30 mph (48 km/h), and gusts above 40 mph (64 km/h). About 300 customers woke up without power on September 11, according to local news reports, but most power was restored within the day, and no serious damage was reported. On September 13 the NHC issued a final advisory on Gabrielle. It is not expect to experience strengthening or another rebirth, but to be absorbed by a cold front well in the North Atlantic.

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASAís Terra satellite captured this true-color image of Tropical Storm Gabrielle on September 10 at 15:30 UTC (11:30 a.m. EST). According to the NHC, as of 15:00 UTC (11:00 a.m. EST), the storm was located about 65 mi (105 km) west northwest of Bermuda and was carrying maximum sustained winds of 45 mph (75 km/h). Having recently strengthened to achieve tropical storm status, Gabrielle was once again weakening at the time this image was captured.

Image Facts
Satellite: Terra
Date Acquired: 9/10/2013
Resolutions: 1km ( B), 500m ( B), 250m ( B)
Bands Used: 1,4,3
Image Credit: Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA GSFC