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MOD 06 - Cloud Product

The MODIS Cloud Product combines infrared and visible techniques to determine physi-cal and radiative cloud properties. Cloud particle phase, effective radius, cloud optical thickness, and cloud integrated water path are derived at 1-km pixel resolution using the MODIS visible, near-infrared, and shortwave infrared bands. Cloud top temperature, cloud top pressure, effective emissivity, and cloud particle phase are produced by infrared retrieval methods both day and night at 5 5 1-km-pixel resolution. Finally, the MODIS Cloud Product includes cirrus reflectance in the visible at 1-km pixel resolution, useful for removing cirrus scattering effects from the land surface reflectance product.


Affiliated Team Member: P. Menzel,

Affiliated Discipline: Atmosphere

DAAC Description: LAADS

Non-Technical Description: No

EOS Data Description (PDF): Yes

Product Quality History: Yes

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