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ATBD # Name Latest
Latest Date
ATBD-MOD-18 Normalized Water Leaving Radiance 5.0 05/01/2004
ATBD-MOD-19 Case 2 Chlorophyll_a Algorithm and Case 2 Absorption Coefficient Algorithm 7.0 01/30/2003
ATBD-MOD-20 Algorithm for Surface PAR and IPAR 7.0 02/01/2003
ATBD-MOD-21 Algorithm for Clear Water Epsilons 6.0 06/30/2002
ATBD-MOD-22 Chlorophyll Fluorescence 3.0 04/15/1999
ATBD-MOD-23 Detached Coccolith Concentration 4.0 04/30/1999
ATBD-MOD-24 Annual Ocean Primary Productivity   11/15/1996
ATBD-MOD-25 Infrared Sea Surface Temperature 2.0 04/30/1999
ATBD-MOD-26 Processing Framework and Match-up Database 3.0 04/30/1999




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