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ATBD # Name Latest
Latest Date
ATBD-MOD-02 Algorithm for Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Aerosol from MODIS   11/01/2006
ATBD-MOD-03 Near-IR Water Vapor Algorithm   11/13/1998
ATBD-MOD-04 Cloud Top Properties and Cloud Phase 8.0 10/01/2008
ATBD-MOD-05 Cloud Retrieval Algorithms: Optical Thickness, Effective Particle Radius, and Thermodynamic Phase 5.0 12/23/1997
ATBD-MOD-06 Discriminating Clear Sky from Cloud 6.1 10/01/2010
ATBD-MOD-07 Atmospheric Profile Retrieval 6.0 10/25/2006
ATBD-MOD-30 MODIS Atmosphere L3 Gridded Product 1.1 12/2008




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